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Wednesday, 16 December 1992
Page: 5142

Senator ALSTON (11.57 a.m.) —I am not indicating that we have a procedural difficulty; we will actually be voting against that particular foreshadowed amendment. There will be an amendment that will clarify the position in relation to M and MA, which I understand and hope will have unanimous support. The Government then wants to move an amendment, to which the Minister just referred, that will allow for a power to subsequently amend in line with changing community standards. We take the view that that can be done by other means—in particular, by the Harradine amendment process—and we will therefore be opposing that foreshadowed amendment.

The CHAIRMAN —For the time being we will stick with the schedule. The question before the Chair is that the Government amendments, minus Nos 11 and 13 which have already been resolved, be agreed to.