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Tuesday, 5 September 1989
Page: 964

Senator TATE (Minister for Justice)(4.27) —As I understand it there would be no inhibition on that being a means by which some money currently being provided to the States from the States grants could be made available to them. But it still remains true that if that mechanism were to be used, namely that ATSIC was the funding or granting body, the agreement of the State would be required. We would need to enter into those sorts of arrangements that are envisaged by proposed section 18. I take it to mean that it would not preclude or be exhaustive or exclusive of the possibility of the Minister, in this case through the Department of Education, Employment and Training, making a grant under section 96 in a more direct way. In other words, this is not the only way-if that is the fear-by which the States could receive moneys to further Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander development through programs which require expenditure of money which could usefully come from Commonwealth coffers. There is, nevertheless, that subtle difference in moving from a section 96 payment simpliciter to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission actually providing the money by way of agreement under proposed section 10 (2) (b).