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Monday, 4 September 1989
Page: 927

Senator KNOWLES(11.16) —I wish to take up the time of the Senate for only a couple of moments. Last week I spoke regarding Senator Jenkins's wild and scurrilous allegations against 11 other Western Australian senators in this place. That was in reference to comments that she had made about the Child Migrant Friendship Society of Western Australia. Senator Cook, who is the Minister in the Senate this evening, is also from Western Australia. He is equally at risk over Senator Jenkins's allegations. I am just wondering when Senator Jenkins is going to make an apology to the Senate. I think this is very important, particularly in view of the position of Mrs Pearce, who has quite clearly laid it down that she would like Senator Jenkins to apologise to clear this matter once and for all. Subsequent to my address to the Senate last week, Mrs Pearce has quite categorically stated that she has not contacted other senators as Senator Jenkins has claimed, and there are a number of other issues that Senator Jenkins raised, in terms of million dollar writs and so forth, that Senator Jenkins still has not had the courage to come in here and either clarify or apologise about. I hope that Senator Jenkins will have that courage soon. She had no trouble in finding the courage to make the allegations in the first instance. It is just such a pity for the Senate and for the reputation of the Parliament that she is having an enormous amount of difficulty finding the courage to come in and clarify the issue forthwith.