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Friday, 1 September 1989
Page: 802

Senator BOSWELL(11.27) —The Minister is still not answering the fundamental question regarding what will occur when this map is sent to the communities. There is some basic knowledge of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission proposal amongst the communities. Certainly, some leaders of the Aboriginal communities have a better understanding of ATSIC than do those at the grass roots level. If this map is sent out, people will not know what regional council or zone they are located in. They will probably be able to work out the zone, but the regional councils are not designated; the names are not printed on the map. It is an issue that has already caused confusion and, I suppose, even despair in some communities. They will now be more confused, if that is possible, when this map is sent out. The people in Lockhart River, for example, will not know what region they are located in. In fact, I do not know what region they are located in. How can we determine what region these people are located in if they are not listed? I suppose what I am seeking is a list which designates the regions and zonal councils for every community.