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Friday, 1 September 1989
Page: 797

Senator PETER BAUME —Mr Chairman, those arrangements are quite suitable. Might I just indicate that there are some clauses to which we do not have amendments but to which we may wish to speak. If we consider the Bill as a whole I take it that we will have your indulgence if we rise to speak. We have organised the amendments in the order that you propose. I hope the order you propose does not lead the Committee to think that we have taken things in some odd order but that we have tried to arrange the order of our amendments logically, as best we can.

The CHAIRMAN —You may speak, of course, to the amendments before the Chair or at the end, if you wish. When the question `That the Bill, as amended, be agreed to' is put that would be the appropriate time to raise any other matters that have not been dealt with up to that point. Is that acceptable to the Committee? There being no dissenting voice I will handle it in that way. The question is that the Bill be taken as a whole. There being no objection, it is so ordered.

The Bill.