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Friday, 1 September 1989
Page: 795

Senator TATE (Minister for Justice)(10.53) —I do not know that I have entirely understood but I take it that Senator Peter Baume is suggesting that the Aboriginal Development Commission might submit finance directions which may be resisted or rejected by the Minister and then the Commission would have to go back and draw up another set-and so we go on and on until it came up with a set which accorded with the Minister's wishes. I believe that we ought to go the direct way, which is that the finance directions be made from the start by the Minister in the way that is indicated in the clause. This is a matter of great importance with regard to the proper operation of the Commission. The administration by the Commission of the important matter of the way in which its finances are dealt with is absolutely crucial, as we know from the discussions over the last year or so. Having listened to Senator Baume, I think we would end up in a position where the Minister's will would prevail as the Commission went about trying to amend, modify and present a set of directions which was ultimately acceptable. I think it is best to go the direct route and accept the clause as it is proposed by the Government.