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Friday, 1 September 1989
Page: 786

Senator PETER BAUME(9.58) —It would be good if we could co-operate to resolve this issue. We agree with the goal which the Minister has stated in the arguments he has put. He has no disagreement from this side about the need for proper accountability and he had no disagreement from this side when he set out for us some of the difficulties he faced last year of which we were aware and with which we sympathised. But if this proposed subclause were written to require the Commission, when requested by the Minister, to provide information we would have no objection to it. If the Minister is proposing that he might amend it, perhaps he might consider amending it in two ways: first, to amend the last few words in the manner in which he has already suggested and, secondly, instead of the proposed new subsection saying that the General Manager shall do certain things it should say that the Commission shall do certain things. At that stage it may be possible to get agreement from this side of the chamber.