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Thursday, 17 August 1989
Page: 226

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled. The petition of certain citizens of Australia shows:-That Fraser Island and the other parts of the Great Sandy Region qualify for World Heritage Listing because of outstanding Values:

Geological-The World's greatest sand mass and the oldest age sequence of Giant Coastal dunes; perched dune lakes; barrage dune lakes unknown elsewhere.

Biological-Coastal heathlands, freshwater swamps, mangroves, the World's only rainforest growing on high coastal dunes, ancient paperbarks; 750 species of flowering plants and ferns; wallum; wide diversity of marine, terrestrial and avian fauna, some of which is rare or endemic.

Aesthetic-40 Kilometres of coloured sand cliff faces, volcanic outcrops, over 40 perched dune lakes, the majestic Noosa river, wildflower-strewn heathlands, vast surfaces of loose mobile sand, rainforests, crystal-clear fresh-water streams.

Cultural-Evidence of large populations of Aborigines in the region-middens, bora rings, canoe trees, implements and other artifacts; historical artifacts from the last 150 years-2 operating lighthouses, shipwrecks.

Your petitioners therefore pray that the Commonwealth Government take action to place Fraser Island and the other parts of the Great Sandy Region on the World Heritage List to ensure proper recognition of the region's international importance and to ensure appropriate management to preserve its unique qualities.