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Tuesday, 15 August 1989
Page: 94

(Question No. 1039)

Senator Macklin asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 1 June 1989:

(1) Has Australia exported any military equipment to Israel, either directly or indirectly through a third party, since the ALP won government in 1983; if so, when, what sort of equipment, how much equipment and what was the value of the equipment which was exported.

(2) Have any Australian military personnel and officers visited Israel and viewed the ``Intifada'' and Israel's military response to the ``Intifada''; if so, why were these visits undertaken; were these visits approved by the Australian and Israeli governments.

Senator Richardson —The Minister for Defence has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) No export approvals have been given for any sales to Israel of military equipment. However, since April 1985 there has been approvals issued to the value of $212,400 to a company exporting electronic encryption equipment for commercial, financial and banking applications; these goods are controlled under Australian defence export controls. Approval has also been given to a company for temporary export for demonstration purposes of training aids to the value of $35,648.

(2) No Australian military personnel have visited Israel for the specific purpose of viewing the ``Intifada'' or Israel's military response.

There have been official visits by Australian military personnel to Israel since the beginning of ``Intifada'' in December 1987, but these visits have been related to equipment acquisition projects or other studies and investigations.