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Tuesday, 15 August 1989
Page: 66

(Question No. 986)

Senator Vallentine asked the Minister representing the Minister for Defence, upon notice, on 11 May 1989:

(1) Which national groups and companies have now confirmed their participation in AIDEX '89.

(2) Which Australian exhibitors have so far registered to participate in AIDEX '89.

(3) Which Australian Government departments and agencies have so far registered to participate in AIDEX '89.

(4) How much money have these Government departments and agencies allocated to spend on participation in AIDEX '89.

(5) What products and technology will government-owned industries and agencies be displaying in the exhibition.

(6) Have any countries and companies been rejected as participants in AIDEX '89; if so, which countries or companies.

Senator Richardson —The Minister for Defence has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) and (2) AIDEX '89 is an exhibition organised by Desiko Pty Ltd. The Department of Defence is not responsible for the organisation of the exhibition but has given its support to the organiser in a general way and subject to the settlement of various practical issues such as Customs and Security clearances. Therefore, I suggest that the Senator might ask Desiko Pty Ltd these questions.

(3) The Department of Defence is the only Commonwealth Government department participating at AIDEX '89.

(4) The Department of Defence has allocated $59,000 to meet the costs associated with its participation in the exhibition.

(5) Government-owned industries products and technology to be displayed at AIDEX '89 will include naval engineering, ammunition, missiles, weapons manufacture, mechanical and electrical engineering, military clothing, aerospace systems integration capability, aerospace aircraft assembly, testing and modification, aerospace component manufacture, commercial aircraft servicing and modification.

(6) I am not aware of any countries or companies having been rejected as participants but, again, the Senator may wish to ask this question of the organiser.