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Friday, 16 June 1989
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Senator WALSH —Mr President, you were, of course, correct earlier. I was out of order. I now table the schedule that Senator Chaney requested about three days ago. Although some of the people concerned have been imprisoned since 1981, the schedule covers only protests that have been lodged during the period that this Government has been in office. That is in accordance with the long established convention in the public service that one government does not reveal papers to another government. As I understand it, if Mr Fraser or the then Minister for Foreign Affairs-Mr Peacock for much of time-authorised the release of details or protests lodged about actual or alleged abuses of human rights in China during the period of the former Government's term in office, then it would be in order to release details of the protests covered in the schedule.

Senator Puplick —This is a very important question asked without notice and a matter of public record. Rather than merely tabling the document, I ask whether the schedule could be incorporated in Hansard so that people have the opportunity to get a copy of the document without having to go to any extra effort.

Senator WALSH —I seek leave to incorporate the document in Hansard.

Leave granted.

The document read as follows-





Australian action

Wang Jian, Ha EnMing and others

Death Penalty

Representations made on 25.1.89

Zhu WenBo

Death Penalty

Representations made on 25.1.89

Five Men and One Woman (names unknown)

Death Penalty

Representations made on 25.1.89

Paul LiShuhe,

Roman Catholic Bishop

Detention, arrested in Beijing in early 1988

Embassy asked to make representations, March 1989

Situation in Tibet

Reports of conflict between Tibetans and Chinese Police

Embassy asked to investigate, April 1989


Situation in Tibet

Concern was expressed about the human rights situation in Tibet during Mr Holding's 9 March 1989 meeting with Chinese Culture Minister, Wang Meng in Australia

4 June Student Massacre in Tiananmen Square

5 June 1989, the Prime Minister and Senator Evans expressed condemnation of the 4 June massacre. The Embassy in Beijing also made representations to the Chinese authorities.


Situation in Tibet

During his visit to Tibet in July 1988, Mr Hayden then Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade took the opportunity to discuss this issue with Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen.


Situation in Tibet

Senator Evans registered the Government's concerns in his meeting with Mr Qian in November 1988, and in Feb. 1989 in Beijing.

Human Rights Issues

An Australian Parliamentary Group visiting China in March 1988 as guest of the Australia/China Friendship Group of National Congress, made representations to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister, Zhu Qichen on particular cases.


Further disturbances in Tibet

On 17 May 1988, officials of the Chinese Embassy were summoned to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade where the Government's concern over human rights in Tibet were restated.

Demonstrations in Tibet

Report of Extrajudicial Executions

Embassy asked to make repre- sentations, June 1988.

Migmar Tashi

Sentenced to death at a public rally in Lhasa Tibet on 24/9/87. Two other men sentenced to death at the rally were subsequently reported to have been executed.

12/11/87-Instructions to make representations forwarded to Embassy.

Yulo Dawa Tsering, Tenpa Tsering, Jigme Gyatso

Arrested in connection with riots in Tibet in 1987.

Embassy asked to make representations, 13.5.88.

Lobsang Tenzin, Tsering Dhondup, Sonom Wangdu, Gyaltsen Chophel.

Arrested in connection with riots in Tibet, 1987.

Embassy asked to make representations 13.5.88.


Demonstrations in Lhasa in Sept. and Oct. 1987.

Government's concern about developments in Tibet, conveyed to Chinese Embassy in Canberra.


Closure of Tibet to foreigners

Australian Ambassador in Beijing (late 1987), informally urged upon senior Chinese officials the desirability of permitting access to foreign visitors and media to allow factual reporting of the situation in Tibet.

Yang Wei

Arrested by the Shanghai public security bureau on 11/1/87 after having been involved in student protests.

15/7/87-Embassy was asked to make enquiries. Post is continuing to monitor the case.

14 Catholic priests

Held in prison since 1981. Elderly; health problems.

Representations made 3/12/86 to MFA. Secretary, DFA, raised matter with Chinese Vice Minister Zhu Qizhen-23/2/87.

Xue Mingde

Arrested in 1981 in Sichuan ``because of his criminal activity in disrupting social security''. Sentenced to ``reform through labour camp''.

Embassy made enquiries, on 6 July 1985, to MFA.

Wei Jing Sheng

Sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on ``counter-revolutionary'' charges. Whereabouts and state of health unknown.

Representations made to Ministry of Justice. Further representations to MFA on 3/12/86 and 23/2/87.

Dai Zhen

Sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 1982 for stealing and selling state secrets.

Representations made to Ministry of Justice. Further representations to Chinese MFA on 3/12/86 and to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister on 23/2/87.

Wang Yifei

Arrested in 1981 probably for spreading ``counter-revolutionary propaganda''.

Representations made to Ministry of Justice May and September 1986. Further representations on 23/2/87.

Xu Wenli

Sentenced to 15 years imprisonment in 1982 for ``counter-revolutionary'' offences.

Embassy raised questions as to whereabouts, condition and possible release of Xu Wenli and preceding 4 cases on 25 September 1986. Secretary, Foreign Affairs made further representations on 23/12/87.

Group of Catholics in Hubei province.

Arrested May/June 1986 during which novice group were sexually assaulted.

Raised with Chinese Embassy in Canberra (October 1986) and later with MFA Beijing (8/11/86). Chinese deny allegation of assaults. Indicated seminary was an underground organisation. Some people had been detained none still under arrest.

Father Fu Hezhou

Father Zhu Hongsheng

Father Stanislaus

Shen Baishun

Monsignor Joseph Fan Xueyan, former Bishop of Boading

Vicar General Huo Binzhang

Prisoners of conscience/religious freedom

In December 1983, and 12/4 1984, embassy in Beijing raised all six cases with Chinese authorities; informed that these people were arrested 2 or 3 years ago, for violating a law but not connected with religion. Embassy was instructed to make further representations on Fan Xueyan on 16/8/89.

Bishop Gong Pingmei former Bishop of Shanghai.

Executions and allegations of breaches of due legal process connected with the anti-crime campaign.

The then Attorney General, Senator Evans, raised the Australian Government's concerns over these matters when he visited China in July 1984 and again during the visit to Australia by Chinese Justice Minister Zou Yu.

Zong Yueqiu

In April 1981, Zhong was placed under `labour education' for `violations of the criminal code'.

On 29 April 1985, Embassy discussed case with the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Zhong has since returned to his original place of work in Guangdong Province.

Ghen Jia

Arrested January 1985 and sentenced to death for stabbing and wounding two Australian tourists.

Embassy made representations 27/2/86 and requested clemency. Execution carried out early February

Geshe Lobsang Wangchuk

Tibetan monk gaoled for 18 years for ``nurturing ideas to separate Tibet from the motherland (China)''

Initial representations 14/1/86. Further representations made to Ministry of Justice on 25/9/86, 3/12/86 and 23/2/87.