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Thursday, 15 June 1989
Page: 4159

Senator PUPLICK(8.11) —I would be grateful for the names-that would satisfy our requirements at this stage-and perhaps an indication that when the $20m is distributed we shall be informed of the names of the funds that have benefited. I accept the comment made about the commercial in confidence nature of the whole business. I think that the Minister for Resources should regard the possibility of the Bill being passed as slightly better than even money, but we will see in due course.

There is one other general question which relates to this Bill and which I might ask the Minister before I come to the specifics of proposed new clause 38a. That is that there has been some misunderstanding-possibly on my part-as to the extent to which the Government is in a position to indicate that it will nominate members to serve on the Senate Select Committee which has been appointed. Is there any difficulty about moving to the establishment of that Committee and allowing it to get on with its work as expeditiously as possible?