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Friday, 9 June 1989
Page: 3774

Senator WALTERS(11.18) —We have not understood. The whole of the Committee believes that Senator Walsh has not given an answer.

Senator Walsh —Your stupidity is your misfortune; it's not my fault.

The CHAIRMAN —Order! There will not be a debate by interjection.

Senator Patterson —Mr Chairman, I rise on a point of order. The Minister has interjected on two occasions now calling Senator Walters `stupid' or saying `because she was too stupid to understand'. I believe that is a reflection on Senator Walters and I ask you to ask him to withdraw those remarks.

The CHAIRMAN —The remarks should be withdrawn.

Senator Walsh —I withdraw.

Senator WALTERS —I again ask the Minister to ask the bureaucrats whether it is only that the Treasurer would rather have the Australian Ireland Fund get the benefit above all the others.