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Thursday, 8 June 1989
Page: 3699

Senator BUTTON (Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce)(6.00) —The short answer to that question is yes, it is. Might I say again, on the question of registration, that registration is for one year. On re-registration, the company is required to satisfy the registration criteria afresh. For a ship in the course of being built, though, the bounty which arises from its registration remains for that ship, and the question of deregistration is a discretionary one; that is, the Minister may cancel registration if the criteria are not met. That decision is appealable to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. In answer to what I might fairly describe as Senator Coulter's hypothetical question about `what happens if', that ship still gets the bounty.

Senator Coulter —On those parts that are completed, of course.

Senator BUTTON —Yes. In so far as Senator Coulter refers to what the bounty embraces, that is a matter of common agreement with the industry.

Question put:

That the amendments (Senator MacGibbon's) be agreed to.