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Wednesday, 7 June 1989
Page: 3520

Senator COULTER(11.55) —It is a matter of history that these amendments were first circulated by the Australian Democrats. But the deviousness of Senator Lewis is quite remarkable. The point I was making was in answer to his claim--

The CHAIRMAN —Order! The word `deviousness' is not parliamentary and the honourable senator should withdraw it.

Senator COULTER —I withdraw it, Mr Chairman, and suggest that his--

The CHAIRMAN —Order! There can be no substitution. The honourable senator should just carry on with his speech.

Senator COULTER —The contorted logic of Senator Lewis is such that he is attempting to answer one point with something which is quite irrelevant. He was claiming that the Australian Democrats were a rump of the Australian Labor Party. I was merely pointing out that in this particular case we have identical amendments which are not supported by the Labor Party. The logic which one can draw from that is that we are considering these amendments on their merits. We believe that with this amendment, and the amendments that will follow, the Opposition has the best of the argument.