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Tuesday, 6 June 1989
Page: 3468

Senator ALSTON(8.21) —I move:

(29) Page 22, after paragraph 70 (a), insert the following new paragraph:

``(aa) to regulate the manner in which inform- ation relating to customer use of reserved services is controlled;''.

Amendment No. 29 would involve the inclusion in the objects in part 4 of an additional paragraph `to regulate the manner in which information relating to customer use of reserved services is controlled'. This amendment is designed to ensure that the carriers do not take unfair advantage of sensitive information gained via their reserved services. It seeks to ensure a level playing field for value added services and private network services in an area where Telecom Australia is able to compete. It also reflects our desire to give Austel a charter to regulate the use of such information and to protect competitors from unfair carrier practices.