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Tuesday, 30 May 1989
Page: 3047

Senator ROBERT RAY (Minister for Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs)(9.36) —I put this proposition: Someone goes to a primary decision-maker and gets a decision made that he does not like. He asks for an internal review; he does not like that. He goes to external review; he does not like that. He just makes another application, the same application, and on and on it goes. If one has enough money, one just goes through the revolving door forever. That is why the critical thing is that one cannot make a fresh application on the same grounds unless there are some changed circumstances. I do not think that is unreasonable. It means that those who have the resources or resilience just to continually reapply cannot stay here forever when by being here, of course, they are enormously advantaged. That is why the change of circumstances provision is in there.

In regard to amendments 31, 32 and 33, by the time the certificate is tabled, it becomes meaningless. If all personal and confidential matters were removed, the certificate in the end would contain no information at all.

Amendments negatived.