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Monday, 29 May 1989
Page: 2971

(Question No. 690)

Senator Tambling asked the Minister representing the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, upon notice, on 30 November 1988:

(1) In January 1988, did Mr Jim Akee, Chairman of the Torres United Party, personally deliver by hand to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs documentation of allegations of serious misappropriation in relation to Torres Strait Island projects funded by his Department.

(2) Has the Minister investigated these allegations, if so, what was the result.

(3) Will the Minister refer the letter which Mr Akee states he hand-delivered to him personally in January 1988, for attention by the Auditor-General and Mr Menzies.

Senator Tate —The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs has provided the following response to the honourable senator's question:

(1) Neither I nor any of my staff who accompanied me during my visit to the Torres Strait in January 1988 nor Department of Aboriginal Affairs staff who were present, can recollect Mr Akee handing me any such documentation.

I have no record of such documentation and I am informed no such documentation can be located in the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

(2) and (3) Mr Akee has made requests under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 for documents relating to 15 indigenous organisations in the Torres Strait which is the subject of Question 688 asked by Senator Tambling. I refer the Honourable Senator to part 3 of Question 688.