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Monday, 29 May 1989
Page: 2965

Senator MICHAEL BAUME(11.00) —Mr President, I would like to thank you for your courtesy in sending me a letter at the end of the week advising me of the resolution passed by the Senate of congratulations relating to the concert of the Canberra City Opera in the Great Hall. I certainly prize that letter and I commend you for your decision to send, I presume, all those involved such a letter. I would also like to mention that there were others involved who did assist considerably towards the success of that concert. May I include your Private Secretary, Mr Robert Walsh, in that list? He listened to my continual pressure and advised me on methods that I should adopt to bring this matter about. On top of that, could I also mention that Senator David Hamer, your Deputy, was the person who made the original suggestion to Mr David Parker that he should promote his excellent young and talented singers from the Canberra School of Music to members of parliament thought this concert by the Canberra City Opera.

I would also like to thank Marjorie Cleghorn of the Joint House Department, who publicised the concert in Parliament House by notifying every occupant in the House and assisted in setting up the Hall and ushering in special guests. Her efforts certainly went far beyond what was required of her as a member of the Joint House Department, and her enthusiasm was certainly appreciated by everyone. Mr John Christison liaised with David Parker and all the organisers in Parliament House and produced the program for the concert. Mrs Wendy Brazil, of Senator David Hamer's staff, publicised the concert both with the general public and with backup publicity in the House, especially with senators and members, organised the seating and ushered in various VIP guests.

I hope that we all have an opportunity in the future of hearing these outstanding young talents once again in the Great Hall of the Parliament. I hope that on any future occasion that did take place, many more members of parliament would get there early enough so that they could actually get into the hall, because the crowd was so immense that some who came a little late were unable to hear this wonderfully talented, outstanding young group of singers.