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Monday, 29 May 1989
Page: 2954

Senator WALSH (Minister for Finance)(9.45) —There is an official here from the Child Support Agency. What I say should be taken as subject to confirmation. From my own recollection of the policy, where there is no payment at all from a non-custodial parent the custodial parent is entitled to the supporting parent's benefit. Where there is a payment from the non-custodial parent, after a free area of $6 or $12 a week the supporting parent's benefit payment is withdrawn at a rate of 50c for each dollar of payment by the non-custodial parent above the free area. I am sure that information would have been part of a press statement or a statement to the House by the Minister for Social Security, Mr Howe, at the time that that was the arrangement which would apply. There is a free area. I cannot remember off the top of my head whether it is $6 or $12 per child. Beyond that, any payment from the non-custodial parent induces a reduction in the supporting parent's benefit payment of 50c for every dollar of payment received from the non-custodial parent.