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Monday, 29 May 1989
Page: 2943

Senator RICHARDSON (Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories)(8.41) —Defence is committed to OSI. A commitment of all short-listed full tenderers to OSI was subject to detailed investigations during tender evaluation. IBM has already implemented a number of international standards not restricted to OSI and is continuing to do so. Defence will implement proven products that support OSI standards as they become available and meet the Defence requirement. This will include the use of OSI standards in place of IBM proprietary standards where feasible. As the OSI standards are still being formulated and ratified by various subcommittees under the auspices of the International Standards Organisation, none of the tenderers for DESINE was able to offer the complete OSI architecture. It will be some years before this architecture is available. The DESINE evaluation selected a contractor who offered the most cost effective solution, which included a complete proven network architecture, who demonstrated that it was implementing OSI protocols and who agreed to maintain the development of OSI products.

The initial environment is based on IBM's systems application architecture, SAA, which supports networking based on IBM's systems network architecture, SNA, and includes OSI standards and other relevant standards endorsed by international bodies. This environment enables the immediate implementation and development of defence systems and networks incorporating international standards. As further international standards are ratified and products are delivered in the marketplace, DESINE will be updated to include them as appropriate.