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Monday, 29 May 1989
Page: 2937

Senator NEWMAN(8.11) —I appreciate that the Minister is skirting around the matters I raised. I thought he was going to come to grips with the serious questions I raised. If he is unable to do that I will move on to the question of new technology because he did not come to grips with that either. I am talking about the constant and racing new developments that are occurring in this area and from which the Department is ready to shut itself off because of the necessity to be tied into one firm. The question of upgrading existing equipment will mean that there will be no requirement for the Department to look for the newest technology because of being tied in to IBM. I would like it clearly on the record that the Minister not able to give me an assurance that new technology would be acquired and that it would be through competitive tenders. It would be done through this backdoor arrangement, with IBM being chatted up to see what it has to say about it.