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Thursday, 11 May 1989
Page: 2273

Senator BOLKUS (Minister for Consumer Affairs)(12.16) —In respect of the Corporations Bill, I move:

Page 533, after clause 736, insert the following new clause in Part 6.9:

Commission may publish report about application to Panel or Court

``736a. (1) This section applies where the Commission:

(a) applies under subsection 733 (1) for a declaration under subsection 733 (3) in relation to an acquisition of shares in a company or conduct engaged in relation to shares in, or the affairs of, a company;

(b) applies for an order to be made under subsection 734 (2) in reliance on such a declaration; or

(c) applies for an order to be made under section 736 for the purpose of securing compliance with an order made under subsection 734 (2) in reliance on such a declaration.

``(2) The Commission may publish in any way it considers appropriate a report, statement or notice, whether or not in writing, that:

(a) states that the application has been made;

(b) names the company; and

(c) if the Commission considers that the report, statement or notice should name any other person to whom:

(i) if paragraph (1) (a) applies-the declaration, if made, would relate; or

(ii) if paragraph (1) (b) or (c) applies-an order applied for would, if made, be directed;

names that other person.

``(3) Nothing in this section limits by implication a function or power of the Commission, the Panel or any other person or body.''.