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Thursday, 11 May 1989
Page: 2235

Senator ROBERT RAY (Manager of Government Business in the Senate)(10.11) —by leave-I move:

(1) That the Senate concurs in the Resolution transmitted to the Senate by Message No. 429 of the House of Representatives relating to the appointment of a Joint Committee on the Australian Capital Territory, subject to the following modification:

Paragraph (11), leave out `be rescinded' and insert `cease to have effect on the passage of this Resolution'.

(2) That the provisions of the Resolution, so far as they are inconsistent with the Standing Orders, have effect notwithstanding anything contained in the Standing Orders.

(3) That the foregoing Resolution be communicated to the House of Representatives by Message, with a request for the concurrence of that House in the Senate's modification of the Resolution transmitted to the Senate by that House.

I have moved the modification to paragraph 11 of the proposed resolution in order to rectify what appears to be an unintended consequence. The effect of the paragraph as it stands would be to leave without any authority the decisions and actions of the Senate and House Standing Committees on Transport, Communications and Infrastructure, when sitting as a joint committee, since their establishment. The modification proposed will overcome the problem and achieve the end intended.