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Monday, 8 May 1989
Page: 2034

(Question No. 580)

Senator Watson asked the Minister representing the Prime Minister, upon notice, on 28 September 1988:

What are the (a) names; (b) salaries; and (c) tasks of Consultants on the staff of the following Ministers:


Prime Minister


Deputy Prime Minister and Attorney-General


Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce


Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade


Minister for Transport and Communications




Minister for Finance


Minister for Industrial Relations


Minister for Employment, Education and Training


Minister for Defence


Minister for Primary Industries and Energy


Minister for Social Security


Minister for Administrative Services


Minister for Community Services and Health


Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment, Tourism and Territories


Minister for Trade Negotiations


Minister for Immigration, Local Government and Ethnic Affairs


Minister for Telecommunications and Aviation Support


Minister for Land Transport and Shipping Support


Minister for Justice


Minister for Science, Customs and Small Business


Minister for Veterans' Affairs


Minister for Aboriginal Affairs


Minister for Housing and Aged Care


Minister for Employment and Education Services


Minister for Defence Science and Personnel


Minister for Local Government


Minister for Resources


Minister for the Arts and Territories


Minister for Consumer Affairs

Senator Robert Ray —The Minister for Administrative Services has provided the following supplementary information to the answer to the honourable senator's question which was incorporated in Hansard of 12 December 1988 (pp 3998-4003):

The information previously provided was correct as at 22 November 1988, however it was incomplete. The following supplementary information relates to the employment of Mr A. P. Steedman, who remained in employment until 24 November 1988:

The Hon. J. S. Dawkins MP, Minister for Employment, Education and Training

Consultant: Mr A. P. Steedman

Salary: $38 648

Tasks: Work on programs relating to the contemporary music industry, with particular emphasis on the following matters:

Work towards the establishment of a contemporary music company;

The creation of reliable career paths and expectations for people-particularly young people-employed in the contemporary music industry;

Liaison with State Government organisations; and

Liaison with union and industry organisations.

The Hon. Peter Staples MP, Minister for Housing and Aged Care

Consultant: Mr A. P. Steedman

Salary: $22 634

Tasks: Assist with a comprehensive media strategy in all areas of responsibility of the Minister for Housing and Aged Care.

Liaise with community groups and State Governments on relevant policy issues.

Assist with policy development and advice on the integration of programs.

Undertake specific tasks and develop projects as requested, in specific areas such as the ethnic media, industry and union groups, to promote Government programs.