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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1839

Senator TATE (Minister for Justice)(8.20) —If Merv Hughes takes a wicket, that is a sporting activity; if he kisses Alan Border it is a performance of a sporting activity. I think that puts it in a nutshell. There must be some forms of wrestling which, I agree, border on the entertainment rather than any exhibition of sporting prowess such as graced the gymnasiums in ancient Greece, or perhaps not. The performance of sporting activity is a comprehensive term obviously trying to embrace the idea of a sporting activity being available for others to enjoy; it normally presupposes an audience or those who can take pleasure from seeing the drama of the contest unfold. That is why the term `performance' is used rather than `sporting activity' simpliciter. It is meant to embrace or carry that idea that the sporting activity itself is available for spectators or an audience to enjoy. When it gets to the borderline of jelly wrestling and that sort of thing, I do not think it would be correctly described as a sporting activity. I have never been in those Returned Services League clubs where those things are apparently--

Senator Puplick —Why pick on the RSLs?

Senator TATE —Leagues clubs, I should have said, where that sort of entertainment is put on. There is a borderline which I agree might be difficult to draw in some cases.

Amendment agreed to.