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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1833

Senator TATE (Minister for Justice)(6.13) —I move:

(1) Page 47, clause 26, proposed subsection 248a (1), definition of ``direct'', line 12, leave out ``recording'', insert ``sound recording or cinematograph film''.

This series of amendments will amend the Copyright Amendment Bill 1988 to make it clear that, once a performer has authorised a sound recording or film of a performance, his or her further consent is not required in respect of the making of any copies of the sound recording or film. The amendments provide a limited exception to the requirement to obtain a performer's consent when using a sound recording and the sound track of a film where the sound track is used for the purpose of broadcasting. There are other clarifying amendments which perhaps I need not go into in detail of. That is the substance of the matter.

Amendment agreed to.