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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1831

Senator MACKLIN(6.03) —The Australian Democrats support the proposition contained in amendment 17. In regard to amendment 16, I am still unaware of what the Government intends by way of `prescribed organisation'. In other words, does the Government seek to prescribe a specific and named organisation, or does it intend by way of regulation to have a more general classification? There is a difficulty in Senator Hill's proposition. Having said what a prescribed organisation means-for example, an institution assisting handicapped readers in paragraph (b)-we are then not much clearer whether that particular institution, whatever it is, is of the nature of an institution assisting handicapped readers as set out under the Act. I wonder whether the Minister would explain the intent in prescribing by regulation a centre that goes by a specific name-for example, the Endeavour Foundation in Queensland. Would it be named as one of those prescribed organisations, or would it merely be lumped under a regulation which said that all institutions assisting intellectually handicapped persons or whatever else would be exempt?