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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1829

Senator MACKLIN(5.49) —We are dealing with the amendments moved by Senator Hill-amendments Nos 13 and 14. I spoke earlier in regard to some amendments that I wanted to move to clause 13. Prior to the suspension of the sitting for lunch we were discussing the matter of external students. As I understood it, the Minister for Justice (Senator Tate) was going to make a number of comments in response to other matters that had been raised but wished to have some time to consider them. The Minister might care to respond to those matters before we proceed to a vote on this issue.

Senator Tate —Can you remind me of exactly what you are proposing?

Senator MACKLIN —We are dealing with Senator Hill's amendments Nos 13 and 14 with regard to external students to which I had indicated that I would be moving an alternative amendment. It was my understanding that the Minister was also looking at an alternative method of dealing with these matters-by way of regulation. I do not know whether that has progressed or whether the Minister had a firmer proposal to put in regard to that matter.