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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1821

Senator WALTERS(4.56) —I do not know whether Senator Aulich was in the chamber when the debate first started. He could not have been, because if he was here and had listened to my speech, he would have known the answer. He would not have bothered looking so serious and would not have asked such a stupid question. If Senator Aulich had bothered to listen he would know that my Bill did two things only, both of which are in line with the unanimous decision of Attorneys-General throughout Australia. I made it very clear that my Bill took up the concerns of the Attorneys-General of all the States in two areas. They expressed concern and the majority of members of our Committee expressed the same concern. The majority of members of our Committee recommended that violence in videos be downgraded and that X-rated videos be abolished. The Attorneys-General from all over Australia said exactly the same thing. If Senator Aulich had been listening to my speech, he would have heard me say that my Bill simply did those two things. He is trying to be smart. If he is very concerned about the present age grouping and the present situation in the Australian Capital Territory, he should put up an amendment and we will see whether we agree with it. I challenge Senator Aulich to be sincere-not to waffle, not to carry on and not to tell me, following the Caucus decision not to support my Bill, that he is concerned about the decision in the Australian Capital Territory. He should put up his amendment and I will see whether I and members of the Opposition agree with it. I challenge him to do so.