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Thursday, 4 May 1989
Page: 1759

Senator MACKLIN(10.50) —It is our intention to move an amendment to proposed new clause 10a, but it is currently being drafted. We have spent about a week and a half drafting it and it is still coming out of the mall somewhere. Our approach is slightly different from the approach in Senator Hill's amendment. Would it be possible to move on to subsequent items and come back to this matter when our amendment is available? It would seem to be better to have a composite debate on a variety of approaches that might be able to be taken to this matter. In the absence of our amendment for a statutory licence it would not make a great deal of sense to complete this debate and come back to it at a later stage.

The CHAIRMAN —Senator Hill, is it acceptable to defer consideration on your proposed new clause 10a to a later stage in the debate? At the moment there is a single amendment covering proposed new sections 103c, 103d and 103e. Do you wish to move part of the amendment now? I thought Senator Macklin's suggestion was that we should defer consideration of proposed new clause 10a, get on with the remainder of the Bill, and then come back to proposed new clause 10a.