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Wednesday, 12 February 1986
Page: 180

Senator REID —by leave-I was amused to hear Kevin Chapman referred to a few minutes ago as a shadowy figure. Those of us who know him and love him have never quite thought of him as a shadowy figure although the diligence with which he has gone about becoming trim, taut and terrific over the last three months is something that I personally admire and would like to emulate. He has not, of course, been a shadowy figure in our community. I leave aside the comments about his work in the Parliament because that is well known here, but he has given of himself to the Canberra community in the way that some such people are asked to do. He does have a magnificent voice and presence and has been much in demand as a commentator, a compere and a person who featured at functions of importance in the Canberra community since he has lived in Canberra.

He will certainly be missed from Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio. I know that he goes reluctantly and I am sorry that he is going. He will certainly be missed by the community and we will miss the role that he has played there. While he is in Canberra, of course, I know that he will continue in that role but I think it should be placed on the record that he has been appreciated. I am sure that he will be at the Canberra racecourse when he is in Canberra if there is anything of significance there and his advice and tips will be as much sought after in the future as they have been in the past. I extend my very best wishes to Kevin and Pam.