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Wednesday, 12 February 1986
Page: 179

Senator CHIPP (Leader of the Australian Democrats) —by leave-I associate my Party, the Australian Democrats, with your tribute, Mr President, to Mr Kevin Chapman. I was amazed when I received your note on this matter, for which I thank you. I said to the Assistant Clerk at the Table: `Chapman? He is only about 50-odd or in his late forties, isn't he?' That in itself is a tribute because every time I see him and pay my greetings to him, he always has a pleasant smile and a happy retort. It confounds me that someone who has been imprisoned in a semi-darkened chamber, as he has been for 29 years reporting Parliament, still maintains his sanity, let alone his sense of humour. Mr Chapman has done that and has done so remarkably well.

Mr Chapman dignifies this place with his quiet, detached description of events. Perhaps the most distinguished thing about him and of the greatest credit to him is that he has been able to restrain himself in describing some events in this place which, to say the least, should not have happened let alone have been described. I am sure that I would not have the capability or the mental discipline to be able to do what Mr Chapman has done over the years. He has carried out his task with great distinction and I compliment him.