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Wednesday, 12 February 1986
Page: 166

Senator PETER BAUME(12.24) —A few moments ago the Committee agreed to certain amendments which added words to proposed new sub-section (1) of each of the appropriate clauses. Senator Macklin is now moving amendments to proposed new sub-section (3). I draw Senator Macklin's attention to the fact that proposed new sub-section (3) refers only to reports provided under proposed new sub-section (2), not under proposed new sub-section (1). I wonder whether the amendments which have already been passed to proposed new sub-section (1) do not give to the councils a power to make general reports to government as the councils determine in terms of the words which we have added. To some extent I think we may already have moved by amending proposed new sub-section (1) to give to the councils power which they did not have. This prohibition under proposed new sub-section (3) really will not affect that in any way because that prohibition is limited to the reports which the councils are required to furnish under the next sub-section; that is, proposed new sub-section (2). I hope that the capacity which has been given to the councils to make reports-which we hope the Government will accept-will extend to any matters which the councils may determine they wish to report on. The Opposition, having supported the first group of amendments and having given this extra capacity to the councils, feels that on this occasion it will not support the second group of amendments.