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Wednesday, 12 February 1986
Page: 141

To the Honourable the President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled.

The petition of the undersigned shows:

That the proposed introduction of compulsory identification (ID) cards should be reconsidered and rejected because the system:

(a) is not a cost-effective method of reducing tax evasion and social security fraud and, to the contrary, in the form proposed will facilitate such evasion and fraud;

(b) will constitute an unwarranted infringement of individual privacy by the aggregation of a wide variety of personal information of a private nature;

(c) will cause a further large and costly growth in the bureaucracy and burden on the taxpayer; and

(d) cannot be guaranteed against misuse for purposes other than for which their introduction is stated to be intended and in fact provide the opportunity for blackmail and other forms of misuse.

And your petitioners humbly pray that the problems which identification cards are intended to reduce should be attacked by other, more effective and less obnoxious methods.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.