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Tuesday, 11 February 1986
Page: 124

(Question No. 755)

Senator Vigor asked the Minister representing the Special Minister of State, upon notice, on 6 December 1985:

(1) On the basis of what information were searches carried out on the yacht Ouvea while it was on Norfolk Island.

(2) How much time was spent searching the yacht Ouvea for traces of explosives while it was on Norfolk Island.

(3) Was an inventory taken of the contents of the yacht Ouvea while it was being searched; if so, what items were recorded, and to whom was the resulting report forwarded.

(4) Were any traces of explosives discovered on the yacht Ouvea while it was on Norfolk Island, and was anything else found of which an onlooker might have said, It staggered me that they let them go, of the crew of the Ouvea.

(5) What scientific tests or analyses were carried out as a result of the examination of the yacht Ouvea on its return to Norfolk Island.

(6) Were any samples sent away from Norfolk Island for analysis; if so, under what arrangements, especially in relation to obtaining accurate results quickly, was this done; if not, what facilities on Norfolk Island were used to carry out testing.

(7) To whom was a summary of the findings of scientific analysis presented, and what were the major findings emphasised in such a report or reports.

Senator Gareth Evans —The Special Minister of State has provided the following reply to the honourable senator's question:

(1) Information received from the New Zealand (NZ) Police.

(2) The search for explosives was undertaken as part of the search of the yacht-which took several hours.

(3) to (7) I refer the honourable senator to the answer given to Question No. 749. The AFP is not aware of specific action taken on differing aspects of the investigation by NZ authorities.