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Tuesday, 11 February 1986
Page: 123

(Question No. 748)

Senator Vigor asked the Minister representing the Minister for Housing and Construction, upon notice, on 3 December 1985:

(1) In what circumstances are applicants for a grant under the First Home Owners Scheme required to supply bank books and other documents which detail savings over the past 12 months, and to provide an explanation for ``major'' deposits.

(2) Have these circumstances been altered since the inception of the Scheme; if so, what changes in assessment rules requiring this follow-up have been made, and when.

(3) What is the estimated proportion of cases in which these extra details have been sought in each State and Territory in each of the financial years 1983-84, 1984-85 and 1985-86 to date.

Senator Ryan —The Minister for Housing and Construction has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) There is no requirement for applicants to have held qualifying savings under the First Home Owners Scheme. However, in order to satisfy the requirements of the First Home Owners Act, applicants may be asked to provide evidence that they have, or will have, adequate financial resources to complete the purchase or construction of their first home.

In some other cases, details of the financial resources of an applicant including savings records, are required to satisfy the Assessment Officer that all parties to the home acquisition have joined in the FHOS application, or confirm other information which could be linked with the income test or previous home ownership.

(2) No.

(3) A significant proportion of applications result in requests to the applicant for additional information on some aspect of the application. However no detailed statistics covering the nature or number of such requests are maintained by the Department.