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Tuesday, 11 February 1986
Page: 106

(Question No. 647)

Senator Bolkus asked the Minister representing the Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services, upon notice, on 6 November 1985:

(1) What were the costs involved with the Commonwealth Office Building situated at 8 Bridge Street, Murray Bridge, South Australia in relation to:

(a) purchasing the site;

(b) constructing the building and the date of completion; and

(c) equipping the building for the 4 original tenants.

(2) What is the reason for the recent major alterations undertaken to the building, and the:

(a) cost of the work involved;

(b) names of the successful tenderers;

(c) cost involved in relocating the tenants; and

(d) cost of re-equipping their respective offices.

Senator Gietzelt —The Minister for Local Government and Administrative Services has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) (a) The purchase price of the site for the building was $175,000.

(b) and (c) Construction was completed on the building on 24 May 1982. The original contract did not differentiate between the costs of constructing and fitting out the building for the original tenants. The total cost of both constructing and outfitting the building was however $520,230.

(2) The major alterations recently undertaken to the building were in response to large scale growth of the Department of Social Security's functions and medium scale growth of the Commonwealth Employment Ser- vice's operations which necessitated the provision of additional office accommodation.

(a) The total cost of the alteration work including re-carpeting was $147,361.

(b) The successful tenderer for the alteration work was Cunic Neslo Partition Systems, and for the provision of carpets was Kimberly Carpet Specialists Pty Ltd.

(c) Of the displaced tenants there was no cost involved in relocating Senator McLaren as he had retired and had no further accommodation requirement. The cost of relocating the other tenant-the Australian Electoral Commission-is $14,292.65 per annum rental for their new accommodation.

(d) The cost of re-equipping the Australian Electoral Commission's new accommodation was $13,417.