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Friday, 6 December 1985
Page: 3225

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(3.57) —I am not in a position to clarify it to that extent. What I have been informed by the Clerks and others is that this motion in fact is an advisory motion. It is a motion which expresses a view. That view has been expressed in previous debate by many honourable senators. In fact, all honourable senators, but one, were in favour of that view. If the motion is passed it is just an expression of view which is given to the architects. That is all it is. That view has already been given. I would not like to give the impression that the architects and the builders have to cease and start doing things again because of a motion like that expressed in the way it has been expressed, without the knowledge and experience that the members of the Joint Parliamentary Committee on the New Parliament House have had. I expressed the view beforehand that I thought this was an appalling way for the Senate to proceed. I gave leave for the motion to come on again only because I was told it would come on by resolution of the Opposition parties if I did not do so. I think the sensible thing to do is to take the very good advice of Senator Reid and in fact accept that we have not debated this properly, accept that we have not considered it properly and, in fact, adjourn the debate.

Senator Peter Baume —Can you answer the question?

Senator GRIMES —I cannot answer the question. What I can say is that if this motion is passed and the architects and builders care to ignore that and the Committee cares to ignore it-as I believe it would-then it will make no difference to what happens in that chamber. There is no point in carrying on and having debates on this sort of motion. Therefore, I intend, having answered the question of Senator Chaney and having made my position clear-Senator Evans assures me he cannot add anything to that-to move that this debate be now adjourned.

The DEPUTY PRESIDENT —Senator Grimes, you cannot do that. You must seek leave to continue your remarks at a later time.

Senator GRIMES —Mr Deputy President, I am sorry; but I was answering a question by leave. I have answered that question by leave and I believe that I can now move that the debate be now adjourned.