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Thursday, 5 December 1985
Page: 3072

Senator BUTTON (Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce)(8.31) —I will deal with the last point first. Of course, the provisions in clause 13 (1) of the Bill will be taken into account if appropriate. The Department will endeavour to meet the problem. I do not wish to elevate the provisions of that clause as the only solution to the problem. I make it quite clear that that is not the only solution to the problem. With regard to clause 10, the provisions to which Senator Short referred are cumulative. As I understand it, there is no detriment to sub-contractors in those provisions being so cumulative. With regard to clause 4, Senator Short asked about the definition of `production services'. He referred particularly to sub-clause (d); that is, a `service declared by the regulations to be a production service for the purposes of this Act'. He asked whether that embraced the position of sub-contractors, if that is the right expression. The answer to that question is that it may well do. The sub-contractors of the kind that he mentioned, such as A. F. Gayson Pty Ltd, are in a position to obtain the bounty in any event in their own right by application under this legislation. But that provision possibly could be interpreted in the way he suggested.