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Tuesday, 3 December 1985
Page: 2861

(Question No. 421)

Senator MacGibbon asked the Minister representing the Prime Minister, upon notice, on 21 August 1985:

(1) How many Australian delegates attended the Nairobi World Conference which marked the end of the United Nations Decade for Women.

(2) On what basis were the delegates to the Conference chosen.

(3) How many members of the delegation have previously attended Conferences and meetings held outside of Australia in relation to the United Nations Decade for Women.

(4) How many members of the delegation and staff (if any) are members of a political party, and which party are they members of.

(5) How many staff went to Nairobi with the delegation.

(6) How many spouses or partners accompanied the delegation.

(7) What was the duration of the Conference.

(8) How many delegates and staff (if any) extended their visits beyond the duration of the Conference, who were they, what was the extension period for each, and to what other areas did they travel.

(9) What is the estimate for the overall cost of having the delegation attend the Conference.

(10) What allocation was made for fares for Australian delegates, staff (if any) and spouses (if any) who travelled to and from Nairobi.

(11) What accommodation costs were incurred.

(12) If delegates and staff did receive a travel allowance, what was the total allocation.

(13) Did delegates and staff (if any) receive a travelling allowance; if so, what was the daily allowance.

Senator Ryan —The Prime Minister has provided the following answer to the honourable senator's question:

(1) 18.

(2) The Delegation was carefully chosen to provide the necessary range of backgrounds and skills essential for Australia to make the best possible contribution to the work of the Conference.

(3) 6 members of the Delegation attended preliminary Conferences, and all overseas based Delegates attended a number of local meetings.

(4) 3 Federal Senators and 1 Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, all of whom are members of the Australian Labor Party were members of the delegation; the political affiliations, if any, of other Delegates are not recorded.

(5) 2 support staff from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

(6) No spouses accompanied the delegation, although the spouse of one delegate later arrived in Nairobi on a private visit. No expense was incurred by the Government.

(7) 2 weeks.

(8) 8, as follows: Senator R. Crowley; 28 July-4 August; Addis Adaba, Harare. Senator O. Zakharov; 27 July-5 August; Zurich. The Hon. F. Arena; 27 July-5 August; Rome. Mrs T. Shand; 27 July-5 August; Geneva. Ms G. Pincus; 29 July-16 August; Geneva, Strasbourg, London. Ms J. Hamilton; 27 July-5 August; Nairobi, Bombay. Ms H. King; 27 July-4 August; Dar Es Salaam, Harare.

(9) Overall estimated cost is $119,580.

(10) $55,600 for 16 Australia based and 2 New York based Delegates, $2,350 for a Stenographer from Lisbon and $281 for an Administrative Officer on short term mission to Rome and Athens to be diverted to Nairobi. No allocation was made for spouses.

(11) Final costs are not yet available.

(12) 16 Delegates and (2) staff received a travel allowance based on the expected costs of travel enroute (and return) and total periods in Nairobi. The total allocation was $56,000, but costs are not yet completely finalised.

(13) All Delegates and staff received a travelling allowance advance. The allowance was $154 per day for Executive Level (including Parliamentary) members and $140 per day for 3rd Division Officers.