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Tuesday, 3 December 1985
Page: 2823

Senator RYAN (Minister for Education)(8.22) —Senator Baume has asked this question before. I do not know how many times he wants the answer since he was given a very full answer at the time when the estimates for the Department of Education and the Schools Commission were being discussed. I will repeat the answer briefly: Further information came to me from the Catholic Education Office; that is, from the State body that has the responsibility for the administration of Catholic schools in New South Wales. It volunteered further information to the effect that the particular school would be able to attract an adequate number of students to justify a further development without detracting from other schools in the area because it was offering a particular service not being offered by other schools in the area; namely, it was a single sex girls school planning to offer single sex girls classes in years 11 and 12. That information was taken into account by me when the decision was made.