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Monday, 2 December 1985
Page: 2688

Senator DURACK(4.49) —Clause 7 of the Australia Bill has interesting implications and, in view of the presence of the Solicitor-General as well as a former Attorney-General, I would like to get some legal advice. It seems to me that clause 7 may well be interpreted as entrenching the position of State governors. I applaud that. However, as I understand it, State Constitutions do not entrench the position of State governors any more than--

Senator Macklin —Queensland does.

Senator DURACK —It only means that they have to go through a certain manner and form in changing their Constitutions. Clause 6 of this Bill protects the position of State Constitutions by requiring certain manner and form for their alteration. It seems to me that clause 7 is able to be interpreted as an entrenchment of the position of State governors. Is that the view of the Government?