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Monday, 2 December 1985
Page: 2644

Senator SHEIL —I ask a question of the Minister for Industry, Technology and Commerce. It follows his reply to an interjection by Senator Messner during his answer to a question from Senator Parer concerning the Government's superannuation guidelines. The Minister will no doubt be aware that the Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare is currently considering evidence on retirement incomes. There is a lot of confusion amongst industry and business about the guidelines. If the Cabinet has already considered the submission on superannuation, when will it make known the results, if it has been approved? If it has not been approved, when does the Minister expect to make the announcement?

Senator BUTTON —Senator Sheil identifies his question as one which follows questions asked by Senator Chaney and Senator Parer. I suppose he means in time because, as far as anything else goes, his question does not follow them at all. In fact, it is almost incapable of being followed, with respect, by anybody. The Senate Standing Committee on Social Welfare may well be considering those issues, and I hope it keeps on doing so. However, the position about guidelines which Senator Sheil was concerned about I have already answered. That is, the Government will be discussing guidelines with business community representatives in the next week or so and they will be announced at the appropriate time. There is nothing the honourable senator can do to stop us announcing them at the appropriate time and there is no point in pursuing this question.