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Monday, 2 December 1985
Page: 2637

Senator VALLENTINE —I give notice that, on the next day of sitting, I shall move:

That the Senate-

1. endorses the concept of an International Year of Peace in promoting the values of peace, disarmament and conflict resolution through community education; and

2. commends the Government in promoting these concepts and for the setting up of IYP committees in each State and Territory;

3. nevertheless, expresses its concern at the situation where only $185,000 is being allocated to community-based IYP groups, out of a total Government Budget of $3m;

4. also voices its concern that much of this remaining $3m will be used for public relations exercises by the Department of Foreign Affairs to promote the Labor Government's views on disarmament; and

5. suggests that a thorough review of IYP funding priorities be undertaken with a view to giving community groups a greater proportion of the funds allocated for IYP activities.