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Thursday, 28 November 1985
Page: 2499

Senator MACKLIN(5.45) —I move:

(16) Sub-clause 137 (2), at the end of paragraph (b), add ``or as the Board requires for its purposes''.

Clause 137 deals with the relationship between the Repatriation Commission and the Veterans' Review Board. It states that the Commission may make available to the Board a variety of things-statements of principle and other material as the Commission considers may be of assistance to the Board. My amendment seeks to add the words `or as the Board requires for its purposes'. At the moment it is a one-way operation. The Commission may make information available to the Board but the Board is not able to obtain material from the Commission. I would have thought that a two-way relationship between the Commission and the Board would enhance the operation of the Board. I cannot see any problem with this. It is not as though we are concerned about the Board saying: `We must have this'. I am just concerned at the way in which it is currently drafted. The Board is not even able to ask for material that it might want. It is specifically set down as a one-way process. It would be much better if it were a two-way process and if the Board could make a formal request for material from the Commission which, in the words of my amendment, it may require for the purposes of its review.