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Thursday, 28 November 1985
Page: 2493

Senator GIETZELT (Minister for Verteran's Affairs)(5.04) —I am not disagreeing with that, but I have been led down the garden path in the belief that the Opposition would give us passage of the Bill today with some minor amendments. Obviously there has been a change of direction. That is fair enough; I have no complaint about that. We did not take steps to detail all of the different aspects of the report of the Scrutiny of Bills Committee because we were led to believe that the second reading and third reading stages would be supported and it would go back to the House of Representatives today so that it could have an opportunity to deal with the views of the Senate. If there has been a different emphasis by the Opposition, it is entitled to take that course of action.

I want the Senate to appreciate that there is no point-as the Australian Democrats and the Opposition have indicated clearly that they are taking the path they have-in me prolonging the agony by going through the sorts of details that the Scrutiny of Bills Committee has suggested. I therefore have regard not only to my own legislation which has to be dealt with, but also to the fact that Senator Grimes or other Ministers have legislation which has to be dealt with today in order that we meet the timetable for the legislation for which the Senate has the responsibility. As we have had a pretty fair go on this-a full day's debate-I hope that the Committee realises that the Government will not accept the great majority of the amendments that the Opposition has seen fit to impose on the legislation. There is one further amendment that I will have to bring forward about recommittal of an earlier decision that was made, and by the time that is determined, we will have done as much as we can do in respect of the legislation.