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Thursday, 28 November 1985
Page: 2463

Senator FOREMAN —I draw the attention of the Minister representing the Minister for Communications to an article in the Toronto Star dated 28 August 1985. In that article, Mr Donald Eltringham, the managing director and chief executive officer of Australia Post, was reported as addressing the Canadian Federal Government task force holding an inquiry into the provision of postal services. Is it true that Australia Post compares more than favourably with its Canadian counterpart and, for that matter, with most other postal services in the world in terms of efficiency and cost to consumers? Is it true also that this statutory body provides this service at no cost to the taxpayers?

Senator WALSH —I recall in the last day or two having seen some analysis, which I think is the same analysis to which Senator Foreman has referred. However, I do not appear to have it with me at the moment. I believe that the Australian postal system, compared with that in any reasonably competent country-the Canadian system was cited as being reasonably competent-has been shown to be quite efficient. I will endeavour to locate that piece of paper, which I have some recollection of having seen, and to supply that information to Senator Foreman, either privately or by way of an addendum at the end of Question Time today or tomorrow.