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Wednesday, 27 November 1985
Page: 2330

Senator GRIMES (Minister for Community Services)(11.07) —I believe that on an important issue such as this, Senator Walters deserves a considered statement and a considered reply. We do not have officers present who can answer in that detail, but I shall obtain it.

Senator Walters —I presume, by that, that the Minister is saying that there has been some. If so, has the Government lodged any protest with the Soviet Union on any nuclear testing, and if so, could I be given the details of that protest?

Senator Chipp —This makes the whole place an absolute farce. Why do you not put that on notice?

Senator GRIMES —I agree with Senator Chipp; I think that this is a nonsensical use of the appropriations debate. However, we as a Government make a protest about all atmospheric nuclear testing. Clearly, I do not have the details. I shall obtain from the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Mr Hayden) the details of such protests as have been made. As we are discussing the appropriations, I assume that Senator Walters would like to know how much each protest cost-to get it back to the appropriations.