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Tuesday, 26 November 1985
Page: 2297

Senator VIGOR(10.26) —I have several questions relating to the Australian Federal Police, which I understand is handled by the Special Minister of State. On page 847 of the Hansard of Estimates Committee E it was stated that probably no police force in Australia is currently researching computer fraud as such. No estimate could be given at the time of the cost to the community of computer fraud. What types of measures does the Government intend to take to make it harder for people to perpetrate swindles in this area and to handle the problems of companies and government bodies which may be subject to hackers or people who can get into computers and modify figures to their own advantage or to the advantage of an organisation to which they belong?

Senator Grimes —Haven't you heard of Estimates committees or questions on notice, or are you just trying to be difficult?

Senator VIGOR —This is a very important estimate.

Senator Grimes —Of course it is important; everything is important. That is why we have Estimates committees, questions on notice and adjournment debates. You are just being a nuisance.

Senator VIGOR —I will sit down to give Senator Button a chance to answer my question.